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Crop Science

Headquartered in Monheim, Germany, the CropScience Division at Bayer is the third-largest innovative agricultural input company in the world and we aim to help make the agricultural economy more productive. Our goal is to grow faster than the market with a focus on generating profitable and sustainable growth through superior innovation and a customer-centric approach to the market.

The Crop Science strategy is built on four key elements:

  • enhancing the Crop Protection portfolio by developing more integrated solutions for major crops
  • increasing customer centricity along the entire value chain
  • leading the way in innovation in chemical and ­biological crop protection, seeds and the further development of digital farming
  • expan­ding our seed footprint – especially for soybeans and wheat – through further acquisitions, in-­licensing agreements and partnerships


Business areas

Crop Science operates within four business areas: Crop Protection, Environmental Science, Seeds and Animal Health.

Crop Protection offers solutions for protection of crops from pests, weeds and diseases as well as preventive seed treatment.


Main office for Scandinavia and Finland is located in Copenhagen, Denmark with sales offices in Finland, Norway and Sweden.


Examples of products

  • Herbicides: Atlantis®, Betanal®, DDF®, Oxtril®, Husar®, Husar®, MaisTer®, Primera®, Super®
  • Fungicides: Folicur®, Proline®, Teldor®
  • Insecticides: Confidor®, Biscaya®
  • Seed treatment:Gaucho®, Monceron®, Prestige®, Raxil®


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Individuals and professionals will find products for lawn care and ornaments, products to combat insects and pests in the home as well as disease-carrying animals and insects such as rats, mice and mosquitoes.


Main office for the Nordic region is located in Staffanstorp, Sweden with sales offices in Denmark, Finland and Norway.


Examples of products
Products for professional horticulture:

  • Green Business products, Insect control in and around agricultural buildings (fly control), Pest control: K-Othrine®, Merit®, Racumin®

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Consumer products:

  • Bayer Garden, TRIM®, Keeper®, Animix®, Blåkorn®

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An area of competence for new solutions through advanced biotechnology, seed breeding and the development of hybrids. All with one aim in mind: to improve the quality of the crops - and thus increase yields.


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