Covestro* is a renowned supplier of high-performance materials and innovative system solutions used in a wide range of products for everyday life. Products with leading positions on the world market account for a major share of sales. Principal customers are the automotive and construction industries, the electrical/electronics sector and manufacturers of sports and leisure articles, packaging and medical equipment.

Covestro* had about 14,100 employees at 30 production sites worldwide as of December 31, 2014 and posted sales of EUR 11.7 billion.


Three business units

Operations comprise three business units: Polycarbonates; Polyurethanes and Coatings, Adhesives, Specialties.


Polyurethanes (PUR) have long been indispensable in many areas of everyday life. PUR raw materials are used in applications ranging from car seats and insulation for refrigerators and containers, heating pipes to car bumpers, shoe soles and mattresses. 


Covestro* is the world's leading manufacturer of polyurethane raw materials and systems due to our ability to develop new products and technologies as well as our intense customers service. We customize formulations, provide the know-how for processing PUR systems as well as the construction, design and functionality of PUR products.


Our expertise and know-how stem from the very birth of the polyurethane technology. Dr Otto Bayer, who was head of Bayer's research department for more than thirty years, invented the polyisocyanate polyaddition process - the method by which polyurethanes are still manufactured today. Since that time we have developed hundreds of patented products that have made the lives of thousands of people easier and more pleasant.


Principal products and brands

  • Desmodur®, Bayhydur®, Dispercoll®, Artwalk®: Coatings, Adhesives, Specialties
  • Makrolon®, Makrofol® / Bayfol®, Fantasia™, Bayblend®: Polycarbonates
  • Multitec®, Baydur®, Bayflex®, Baypreg®, Vulkollan®: Polyurethanes
  • Desmopan® / Texin®



The brands and their application

Transparent, impact-resistant polycarbonate for CDs, DVDs, automotive applications, architectural glazing, electrical and electronic applications.
Polyurethane integral-skin foam and molding systems for appliance housings, medical equipment, sports goods, sanitary items and furniture.
Bayflex® Footwear
Polyurethane systems and raw materials for the shoe industry.
Raw materials for automotive and industrial coatings, anti-corrosion systems and floor coatings.
Thermoplastic polyurethanes for a wide variety of high-tech applications.




Covestro A/S** (Nordic) is the leading polyurethane systems house in Northern Europe and produces and markets custom made polyurethane solutions to industries.

We have modern production facilities in Randers, Denmark, as well as sales offices in all Nordic and Baltic countries.

The Nordic Research and Development Center is situated in Otterup, Denmark where you will also find Covestro's* Global Windenergy Competence Center.


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** formerly Bayer MaterialScience A/S

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