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Call for Start-ups

Bayer is present at Europe's largest startup event Slush 2017. Bayer will be organizing many interesting events in connection with Slush, ranging from Global Impact Accelerator to the stand where you can get in contact with Bayer. Now it is time for start-ups to step out of the darkness and bring their most brightest innovations in the picture! 

No one can build the future alone

There are certain global challenges, and we here at Bayer are seeking answers to those in the fields of health and nutrition. Megatrends such as aging society, growing population, climate change and digitalization are often seen as a threat to the society, but they also make us look for new answers to help people, and to make a difference. Unfortunately, even the big companies as well as the small and agile startups cannot do it alone, so it is time to build new partnerships and work together.

Our passion is to create innovative solutions that add value for society and people. But since the environment is changing all the time, it is more important than ever to be able to think outside of the box. This is where we need startups and growth companies with fresh ideas and perspectives to step up. Let’s create innovative solutions together – and take them further into practice!

Let’s gather our forces in Open Innovation program

Open Innovation is our approach that spans from strategic partnerships related to our core business areas over in-licensing activities and codevelopment of assets to crowdsourcing initiatives and creating ventures in order to drive disruptive technologies. Open Innovation is all about building new solutions together. This is why we collaborate with the world’s brightest minds to co-create and develop innovative solutions in Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health and Crop Science. We are doing this by tapping into the world’s growing ecosystem of open innovation which provides fertile ground to collectively explore, discover, test and co-create customer-focused solutions.

This is how you can get in contact

If you are a startup dealing with Life Science related themes, let’s meet and talk – maybe we can make global impact together. Bayer has the Open Innovation program for startups and other possible partnerships, and we are in Slush to meet disruptors like you.

This is how you can reach us:
a) If you are not not attending Slush 2017, go to
b) If you are attending Slush 2017, let's met in Bayer booth there.

At Bayer, we want to inspire people within the life science and startup communities to innovate together with us and help them to succeed in global breakthrough. We offer various Open Innovation programs and initiatives for startups, innovators and academia to increase the interest in advancing life.

So get in touch with us – and let’s change the future together!

About Slush

Slush is a technology conference for startups and tech talent to meet with top-tier international investors, executives and media organized annually in Helsinki. Whether one is looking for investors, mentoring or new co-operation partners and business ideas, Slush offers a unique opportunity to reach the right audience and engage with the tech community.

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