December 15, 2016
This is what we learned from Slush

The future is already here!

This year science was more present at Slush than ever – and we think it’s great! Two inspirational days are behind us but the strongest messages are here to stay. To keep these key points in mind, let’s see what we learned this year at Slush. 

The future is here now

As Kemal Malik said “innovation is key to Bayer”. One of the biggest reasons why Bayer has grown so big and successful is because we have always continued to innovate. Many incredible innovations are happening in the fields of Life Sciences and we are passionate about building them bigger.

During Slush we heard many inspirational speeches about DNA editing, new healthcare technology and even saving the world. We learned that instead of thinking future as a distant reality, we should understand that the future is already here and as Kemal Malik said: “there is a revolution going on in the Life Sciences.”


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Collaboration is key

As Oliver Rittgen, CEO of Bayer Nordic mentioned in his CEO blog earlier, ”even the most innovative start-ups can’t solve future challenges alone”. This is where the need for collaboration steps in.


Slush proved that big corporations and start-up companies need each other and the results from collaborating can be pretty amazing. In order to evolve as companies and pacemakers, corporations need to get out, talk to people and find new perspectives – and this is exactly what we are doing.


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The Nordics are calling

The presence of the Nordic countries was inevitable at Slush. Many great innovations are created in the Nordic countries and this is also one of the reasons why Bayer has invested in making things happen here.

During Slush, Bayer introduced the World Premiere of a Tram Pitch where interesting start-ups were heard whilst taking a ride in the spirit of Northern lights. The message was clear: many great things happen here and we should be talking about them more.


One of the biggest strengths of the Nordic health care system are biobanks and personalized health.

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