Facts about Bayer Nordic

Bayer Nordic is a Nordic country group within the international Bayer company. Bayer Nordic includes Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Iceland as well as the Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.


Bayer Nordic was founded in 1992 and has over the years developed into one of the most progressive country groups within Bayer.

Today, Bayer Nordic consists of seven independent companies:
Bayer Nordic SE, Bayer A/S in Denmark, Bayer Oy in Finland, Bayer AS in Norway, Bayer AB in Sweden, UAB Bayer in Lithuania, Bayer ÖU in Estonia and SIA Bayer in Latvia.




Bayer Nordic employs approximately 1,200 employees and its main activities include sales, service and marketing of Bayer's and the Agency Business' products. In Turku (Finland) and Oslo (Norway) the Pharmaceuticals division operates global production and research facilities.
The activities are divided into six operational units:


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Consumer Health
  • Crop Science
  • Animal Health
  • Bayer Garden
  • Bayer Agency Business


As well as a Country Platform unit for internal services.

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