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The Bayer Group is a global enterprise with companies in almost every country. The map shows some of the principal sites.


Asia-Pacific: Important future market

Asia-Pacific, with its enormous growth potential, is one of Bayer's most important future markets. In 2013 Bayer's approximately 28.000 employees in the region generated sales of EUR 8.6 billion.

Europe is Bayer's "home market"

In 2013 Bayer posted sales of EUR 15.1 billion on the European market. A comprehensive distribution network along with major production facilities in Germany, Belgium, France, the U.K., Italy, Spain and Finland give Bayer a strong presence in this important economic region, which has a population of almost half a billion people in the 27 E.U. countries alone.

North America: Opening up new markets from coast to coast

In North America (United States and Canada) Bayer is represented by separate operating subsidiaries: Bayer Corporation in the United States headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Bayer Inc. in Canada headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. In 2013, the Bayer Group in North America achieved total sales from continuing operations of EUR 9.7 billion.



Latin America/ Africa/ Middle East: From From Buenos Aires via Cape Town to Tehran

Through steady investment and optimization of its activities, Bayer has established strong positions throughout the region and enjoys a high level of awareness among consumers. In 2013 Bayer achieved total sales of EUR 6.8 billion in the region.

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